House hunting is tough for everyone. If you’re a civilian, retired veteran or active military, the pressure for getting your house sold and finding a new place to live can be intense.

Any veteran knows that moving around is part of the job. But moving can be much more complicated when a military family member is deployed. This added nuance can increase stress and potential add risks and challenges.

So what can you do to ease the stressors of moving?

  • Find a military-friendly realtor. Real estate agents who frequently work with military families already understand your special needs. They can save you time and money in the process because they understand the accelerated timelines.
  • Let the realtor do the legwork for you. Your realtor can map out the process for you— from house hunting to home selling. From calculating home values to providing a checklist of “to dos,” your realtor knows what needs to be done and how to do it easily.
  • Be flexible in negotiations. Back and forth is natural when finalizing a real estate agreement. Know what your bottom line, walk-away line is but also be willing to consider reasonable offers.
  • List our your needs. Whether buying or selling, listing out your needs is sure to help. Take the guesswork out of the process by making a list of requirements for your new home—prioritize them from “dealbreakers” to “nice to haves.” Alleviate stress by listing out things you need to do to make your home market ready.
  • Determine your location. Once you’ve made your list of requirements, you can easily determine what part of town you’d like to live in. Your realtor can calibrate your expectations of the local market and prioritize communities you may be interested in.
  • Tap into your resources. You’re not in this alone. Working with Because You Served provides you with a laundry list of approved vendor sponsors that can do anything you need from home repairs to marketing to realtors to movers. Tap into this free value-added service that is only available to military and their family members.
  • Collect your paperwork. Save yourself hassles and time by collecting the paperwork you’ll need for a closing in advance. Getting preapproved before you look can really save you time. Things to keep on hand include two months of paycheck stubs for both you and your spouse, all W-2 forms for the past two year, two months worth of banking account statements, your checkbook and power of attorney, if your spouse is unable to join you.
  • Save money. Save at least three percent of your closing costs by listing your home with Because Your Served for free. The only requirement is that you or your family member served in the military.

There is no reason you have to be wrought with stress during your transition. Simply align yourself with the right professionals who are equipped to guide you throughout the process.


About Bob Parry


Bob is a real estate agent with Properties of the Carolina’s. He is a Marine who has been a real estate agent for 30 years. You can reach Bob at 704-892-3200.