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VA Home Loan Pros & Cons

VA home loans were introduced in 1944 as a thank you for military veterans. It also helped to boost the housing market and economy. VA mortgages offer a lot of benefits. These loan are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and have less stringent underwriting standards for qualifying borrowers. Before you take the plunge and sign on the dotted line, you may want to evaluate the pros and cons to make sure a VA home loan is the best option for you and your family. There are some major advantages with the VA loan program, such as: No Down Payment. This is a major benefit. In fact, this is the only mortgage option available with zero down payment. Lower Interest Rates. [...]

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Veteran Home Sale Options

Serving in the military generally means a permanent change of station (PCS) will occur — frequently. Every move is different but typically it involves selling a home. With each move there are frequently options you may need to ponder. Here are a few for consideration: Flip Your Home into a Long-Term Rental. You need to move quickly and don’t have time to wait for your home to sell. Consider turning your home into a long-term rental. This will essentially pay for your mortgage until the time is right to sell. If needed, hire a property manager to deal with any property issues in your absence. Drop the Listing Price. You need to sell the property quickly. Lowering your price can help your listing [...]

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Top Myths about the Real Estate Process

Buying and selling a home is on the short list of stressful life events. So it is important that you take steps to lessen any stressors you can. A real estate professional can help take some of the burden off your shoulders. It is natural to expect your realtor to provide the best service and information possible during your journey. In your real estate transactions, you need a trusted advisor that understands the many aspects of home buying and selling. As with anything in life, there are many things myths that have been generated. Here are a few about the real estate process you’ll want to know: Set your selling price higher than you expect to get. This approach can get cause your [...]

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Which Home Listing Service is Best for You?

You can do pretty much anything online these days. You can research neighborhoods, communities and schools on the Internet. You can search for homes you may want to buy. You can even list your home online. So how do you know which home listing service is best for you? At the end of the day, it boils down to which company can save you the most money while generating the best exposure by marketing your property listing. Most real estate listing services charge a fee at some point during your interaction with them as a home seller. In fact, the largest closing cost paid by sellers is typically the commission paid to both the buyer and seller agents. Commissions vary by location and [...]

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Military-Friendly Benefits: What Does That Really Mean?

You hear the phrase “military-friendly benefits" all the time. But what does that really mean? The definition is typically vague and left to individual interpretation. No matter how you define it, providing recognition and appreciation for our military is at the core. As Kristen Gillibrand said, "While we can never truly repay the debt we owe our heroes, the least we should do for our brave veterans is to ensure that the government takes a proactive approach to delivering the services and benefits they have earned, so they can access the care they need and so richly deserve." Typically, “military-friendly benefits” are defined by the programs and/or benefits extended to veterans and their family members. For example, there are government-funded support programs tied [...]

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7 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

You are in the military, which means you move around a lot. You go wherever your orders take you and your family. You’re not alone. Did you know that most military families move between six-nine times during a school year. Talk about seeing the country and traveling to ports unknown. By the time you’re ready for retirement, you and your wife will have moving down to a science. Typically when those orders come, you have to sell your home quickly and accept the best price you can get. Here’s a quick list of things you’ll want to know if you haven’t moved all that much…yet: Price Competitively: The best activity you will typically see is in the first 30 days your house is [...]

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